Sheila Hobson

Senior Stylist/Hair  Restoration Tech.

Cosmetology education completed at Edgecombe Community College (Rky. Mt., North Carolina). She obtained her license from The North Carolina Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners. Maintaining healthy hair is a major goal for all of her clients. Mixing great customer service with scientific knowledge is key for a clear understanding of what the clients’ needs are. Her main objective is to assist clients in making hair decisions that will allow their hair to grow, strengthen and remain healthy. Her love for the hair industry has taken her to many dimensions of hair styling and creativity.  Using advanced training, as well as being self-innovative with the installation of hair extensions; she mesmerizes clients as they see her inventing the style best suited for them. She has many years of specialized hair braiding techniques and hair placement that gives her an edge on creating amazing results. Her range of hairstyling include: Special updos, roller sets, wraps, waves, curling, cutting, coloring and blow outs (relaxed and natural). While Sheila services anyone, aging women and women with health issues leading to hair loss (major or minor) are encouraged to contact her as well. Shelia will guarantee to create a fabulous you, with a fabulous do!

PH. 804 397 8800

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